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So I'm holed up at the con suite at Writercon in Minneapolis, ostensibly working on some fic (though in actuality I am fighting off a mild hangover with Penguin mints and orange juice).

Fascinating trip so far in spite of Greyhound/Jefferson Lines Hell, and Minneapolis is definitely on my list of cities for which I have instant and unreasonable love. Granted I am seeing it in July/August. I am told it freezes solid for several months a year. BUT! Gorgeous and full of amazing things, though I wonder how people who can't use escalators do anything. Presumably there are elevators somewhere, but still.

ANYWAY. WiaD round 3.03 went live yesterday afternoon, and the stories are up! Please go read and vote if you've got the time/interest. I'm still working my way through, but the prompt (signs and signals) was made of crack. Results may vary. Void where prohibited. Yeah.

Story posts are here and here. Voting post is here.
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James Moran, if you're reading this, you're a brave man. Terrifyingly brave. You've waded into fandom and refrained from setting us all on fire with your mind.

Also, you've explained all the stuff that the editors kind of obscured. So bonus.

Consider yourself the only man on the planet openly invited to duct tape a CB aerial to my car's driver's side mirror.


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