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On behalf of the Captain, I present the Official Invisible Lift Fic Index. We ask that you use it responsibly.

Have questions? Comments? Notice a glitch? Leave a comment here, or on the appropriate story post.

Standard Disclaimer: Being a bloke who likes to slash good looking men doesn't make me RTD, I don't work for the BBC, and as much as I might like to, I don't own Jack or Ianto or any part of Torchwood. I do, however, order pizza under that name on principle.

Episodic Fic
Title: Hatful of Hollow
Rating: Ranges from PG to NC-17
Pairing(s):Jack/Ianto with occasional mention of others
Notes/Summary: My behind-the-scenes Jack/Ianto story. Starts just post "Countrycide" and finishes up at the end of S1 (with just a dash of "Last of the Time Lords"). Canon-friendly, includes material and dialogue from eps, deleted scenes, and the website.
Episode Links )

Title: Adam
Rating: Ranges from PG to R/NC-17
Notes/Summary: No one knows what happened to the real Ianto Jones. A longer treatment of the "Adam" short piece.
Episode Links )

Disambiguation AU
Rating: Ranges from PG to NC-17
Notes/Summary: Disambiguation sprang from a one-off fic I wrote at [ profile] damalan's suggestion. It's a sandbox where I explore the exploits of a parallel Torchwood where the events of "End of Days" don't go as smoothly as they do in canon and Jack is still looking for the Doctor. Features Andy Davidson as a member of the team.

The Original
In which Ianto gets to know himself a little better.
Disambiguation (NC-17) (Ianto/Ianto, Jack/Ianto)

Disambiguation: In These Stones
In which we meet the team, Ianto heeds his own advice, and Andy has a profoundly bad day.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Owen, and mention of Ianto/Ianto. Possible hints and sideways mention of other pairings.
Episode Links )

"Montmartre" cluster
Rating: Varies (PG to R)
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Other (some OMC, historical)
Notes/Summary: A non-episodic group of loosely-connected stories, mostly about Jack's past. A work in progress, written and presented out of order.
Story Links )

"It'll End in Tears" cluster
Rating: Adult (Varies)
Pairings: Ianto/Andy
Notes/Summary: A semi-episodic group of Ianto/Andy stories, presented in (mostly) chronological order. Kinky, and a little cruel. Also a work in progress, and will include stories from my [ profile] un_love_you prompt table. (You can find that here, by the way.)
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Doctor Who Crossovers
The Doctor Still Dances (PG-13 - Jack/Ten, mention of others)
Three Girl Rhumba (PG)

Other Crossovers
Oh! You Pretty Things (NC-17) (Jack/Chris Skelton from Life on Mars)
Out of His Range (PG) (Crossover with Being Human)

Horizons Sing
Rating: Varies
Pairings: Ianto/Jack
Notes/Summary: My fics for the 2008 [ profile] horizonssing challenge. Not a series, or even a cluster, but all take place between 2x13 - "Exit Wounds" and Doctor Who 4x13 - "Journey's End". May contain spoilers and explicit references to events from both S1 and S2 of Torchwood, and Doctor Who S1-S4.

Story Links )

Stand-Alone Fic
[Archivist's note: looking for prompt table drabbles? Check here.]

Confessional (R) (Jack/Ianto)
Prickly (PG) (hints at Gwen/Owen)
Be All My Sins Remember'd (PG-13) (Angst warning)
Three Breaths Before He Closed His Eyes (PG-13) (hints at Jack/Ianto, angst warning)
Adam (PG) (Prototype for episodic Adam series)
Wish (ranges from PG to Hard R) (Multiple pairings)
Mastering Library Science (NC-17) (Jack/Ianto, hints at Gwen/Owen)
Taking Hold (NC-17) (Tosh/Ianto, hint of non-con)
Callsign: Deadman (PG)
Homesick (PG) (hints at Jack/Ianto)
Trick or Treat aka "Sweetness" (PG) (Jack/Ianto)
Oh, Pants (PG)
Bodies for Science (PG)
A Spoonful of Sugar (PG) (hints at Jack/Ianto, Owen)
Customary Strangeness (PG)
Y Llanc Glandeg Didrugaredd (R) (Ianto/Andy)
Interference (PG)
Appearances (PG)
Boys Lost and Found (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto)
Hypertension (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x02 - "Sleeper"
Dining In (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto)
Anger Management (PG-13)
Quite a List (R) (Jack/Ianto)
Inside We Never See (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x01 - "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Malthusian Growth (PG)
If I Am Missing or Dead (PG)
To Hold Life in the Palm of Your Hand (PG) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x03 - "To The Last Man"

Prompt Table Fic
My stolen [ profile] fanfic100 self-generated, custom table can be found here.

My Ianto/Andy [ profile] un_love_you table can be found here.
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So somehow I was made aware of [ profile] un_love_you. This would be right around the same time [ profile] ridikuluss was talking me into writing a fair amount more Ianto/Andy than I'd initially planned.

You can see where this is going.

Where's The Love? )
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So a while back, for my convenience, I nicked a 10/10 prompt table from [ profile] fanfic100. I didn't much want to participate in the challenge as written, or bother with the community aspect but I liked the idea of trying to write 100 pieces that clock in at 100 words.

Problem is, I felt terribly guilty about stealing the table. I know, I know. So I built a new one, keeping some of the categories, but making sure that they didn't match up with the original.

So now, without further ado:

100 Useful (Not-So-Stolen) Things )
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I'd been holding off on talking about this until I had a sense of the publication date, and because it's got nothing at all to do with Torchwood, but to my (exceedingly pleasant!) surprise, the book came out months before I expected it. So!

Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes, the summer's hottest and most significant anthology of zombie poetry, is out. And I'm in it. Well, my real life alter ego is, at any rate.

The sensible thing to do, obviously, is to hurry out and buy a copy. Erm. If you like poetry about zombies. If you don't, you might want to do something else, like have some biscuits or run a few laps at a track or watch telly. You know. Whatever you're into.
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The latest [ profile] writerinadrawer stories - lesson learned, school supplies - went up yesterday. I'm pretty curious to see how this one goes. We're down to 13 writers from 23, which means this is the halfway point. Stories are here and here, and you should post your votes here according to the instructions in the voting post.

And now, a thing I almost never do:

Ask me my fannish Top Five [Whatevers]. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, you can ask them and I will attempt to answer in another post.

Those of you who've met me know that it really doesn't matter what. I have no shame.
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So I'm holed up at the con suite at Writercon in Minneapolis, ostensibly working on some fic (though in actuality I am fighting off a mild hangover with Penguin mints and orange juice).

Fascinating trip so far in spite of Greyhound/Jefferson Lines Hell, and Minneapolis is definitely on my list of cities for which I have instant and unreasonable love. Granted I am seeing it in July/August. I am told it freezes solid for several months a year. BUT! Gorgeous and full of amazing things, though I wonder how people who can't use escalators do anything. Presumably there are elevators somewhere, but still.

ANYWAY. WiaD round 3.03 went live yesterday afternoon, and the stories are up! Please go read and vote if you've got the time/interest. I'm still working my way through, but the prompt (signs and signals) was made of crack. Results may vary. Void where prohibited. Yeah.

Story posts are here and here. Voting post is here.
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Stories for [ profile] writerinadrawer Round 3 Challenge 2 - favours in foreign cities, 400 word limit - went up yesterday. This week there are 19 stories. One will win, three will net their authors a one-way ticket to the vaults.

Like last round, I am utterly geeked about the sheer diversity of stories. I've spotted some uncommon pairings, stories set everywhere from pre-series to post S3, and we've even got a pretty broad range from mostly friendly to everyone gen stuff to the harsher, more explicit stuff.

Seriously, people. I'm giddly. This is awesome. I encourage anyone who likes Torchwood fic to read and vote. Lots of votes make us very excited. Yes indeed.

Story post 1/2 is here, story post 2/2 is here. Cast your votes in the voting post, and be sure to follow the rules. Votes that don't conform to guidelines will not be counted.
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If you weren't aware, Writer in a Drawer has made a triumphant return! I'm playing again this round, our winner from Round 2 is playing, and the other twenty on board reads like a Who's Who of two-fisted awesome. The writing period for round 3.01 ends later this week, and stories go up as fast as Waldo can code them, so please! Join us! Read and vote! Support the madness! I'll probably plug shamelessly throughout the competition, but figured that for best results I should start early. [ profile] writerinadrawer, people. For serious.


So I watched Series Three as it aired. I was about 80% unspoiled -- I'd limited myself to filming pics, the magazine, and a moment of weakness with a BFI screening review -- and so I didn't know what to expect. No, I haven't re-watched it yet. Yes, I've seen the Declassified.

This is where the spoilers start. Here there be spoilers. I will be talking for a very long time about Series Three under this cut. )

I do want to say one thing that's been on my mind since Friday, and that I've been saying here and there, about some of the vitriol I'm seeing.

As a creative, I really don't think it's okay to make personal attacks on someone for writing things you don't like. Critique the work? Absolutely. Tear it to bits if you think it's bad. That's the audience's prerogative, and I know I've done it more than once. Harassing someone, threatening them, or doing them violence over a story, though, isn't okay. No sensible writer sits back and thinks, "Oh yes, how can I alienate fans of my work today and make them miserable and hate me?" Writers want to make stories, and for people to read (or watch, or listen) to those stories.

Before you say, "So writers should write the stories they know people will want!" stop yourself and ask what sort of a dead world that would be. No surprise, no drama, no horror. I don't want to write pablum (even though I probably do now and again). I want to write the best story I can.

So what I'm saying, and what I'm asking of you, gentle reader, is to keep the personal attacks to a minimum here. There are plenty of places where you can vent about how RTD's move to America is suspicious, or to say that the creators are lying liars who lied to you.

Me, I want to make and talk about stories.

Thank you, and goodnight.
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[ profile] cruentum and I are going to the Special Hell. What's more, we'd like to invite you along. Your conveyance? A pretty little handbasket we're calling [ profile] tw_genderffyc.

The point of it:
To be a comm dedicated to spreading the genderfuck love in our fandom. Bring out your kinks, people. Drag? Yes. Pegging? Yes. Gender variance? Yes. Trans/Genderqueer characters? Yes. Genderswap (inc. bodyswap)? Yes. Gwen in a tie and Owen in lacy knickers? Yes, yes, yes.

Spread the word. If you've written something you think would fit well, we invite you to link or repost. If you're planning on writing something (maybe for the omni-fandom Prompt-A-Thon over at [ profile] genderbenderfic), we hope you'll consider doing the same. If you know folks who'd be interested, we encourage you to spread the word.

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I'm still not dead, and the cycle of Major Schedule Disruption appears to be winding down, and what bits of IEIT #22 I have on the page seem to be working mostly as advertised on the tin. These are all good things. I'm hoping that I'll be back on track by the end of the week, and by that I mean no more 11 hour days, trips out of town, working weekends, etc.

Yeah, hope springs eternal.

And now, some thoughts on Torchwood: Lost Souls. Contains spoilers. )
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Well, I'm home and in one piece.

One thing I don't remember mentioning here is the drive I made to and from Atlanta, which was about 670 miles each way, through five states. It's actually not awful since I rather like to bracket long stretches of OMGPEOPLE with active solitude (and driving in Georgia, esp. around Atlanta is active on a lot of levels), but the last hour of the drive last night/this morning was kind of harrowing in the exhausted-haven't-slept-drank-too-much-Red-Bull department. The dogs and the boyfriend welcomed me with open arms (Gwen was quite insistent about laying on/near me and licking my face), so it was worth making the whole drive all in one go.

I'm pretty sure there are cannibals in southern Illinois. Next time, I fill up on gas in Paducah.

Overall, I'd file D*C 2008 under Huge Success. I roomed with a great pair of folks ([ profile] ridikuluss and her husband), got to meet/hang out with/otherwise bother [ profile] resourceress, [ profile] rm, [ profile] redstapler, [ profile] dr_is_in, [ profile] stray_heart, [ profile] exfatalist, [ profile] thaddeusfavour, and two really brilliant people I would know on sight but failed to write usernames down for and shouldn't use real names for on the Internet (please comment so I know who you are because you were pleasant to hang out with even if Sunday night's party situation = fail). I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Please prod/mock if I have so I can rectify that.

But yeah. The con itself was brilliant, and I'm tentatively planning to go next year. I would upgrade that to fully committed if they have guests from TW or DW again (say "Tom Price and Kai Owen" with me, people). I do think it'd be nice to plan ahead and get some of us who write together at some point during the weekend to just lurk with coffee and laptops, and am sort of bummed that my schedule made it tough to make the Thursday meet-up or King Ianto's Coffee Club, but I had a great time. Next year, barring disaster, there may be a bit of cosplay afoot, too. We'll see.

Also, going to Georgia and coming home with an unplanned red UNIT cap? Priceless.
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So I've survived the con through to the final Torchwood panel.

In which my stories are Jossed by actor speculation, but the moment is eased by direct eye contact. )

Also, I got to shake GDL's hand. I squeed on the escalator. I feel like a total fanboy.
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So. I'm in Georgia right now. It's pretty nice.

And man, I'm a total disgrace. )

Also, got S2-style mugs signed today. Happy. Yay.

But yeah, if y'all are here, drop me a line. I missed out on the meet-up mostly because I got lost on the highway system/missed a turn-off on Thursday night, but am willing to further disgrace myself among, uh...well, just in general, really.
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...are entirely false. Well, so far at any rate.

Basically, my work gets extremely busy during August. It's meant some weird hours and really intense days, and that slows down my process more than I'd like. It also makes me freakishly unreliable, for which I apologize (to [ profile] antelope_writes in particular because I'm late getting something back to her).

The good news is that the madness should probably start dying down around the 20th-22nd. I may or may not have something to post before then, depending on how much I wind up working this weekend.

But yes, thanks go out to those of you who've sent "are you dead" messages, or are all, "Hey, where's IEIT #22?!" You're very, very kind, and I'll do my best to crawl up out of this madness ASAP.

And hey, just think. I'll totally be myself again just in time for Dragon*Con...
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Just got home about 15 or 20 minutes ago from another adventure. This time, I drove 80 miles east to catch breakfast with the illustrious [ profile] coffee_kris, who was far from her usual environs.

She was delightful, patient with my feeble attempts to teach her to knit, and totally enthusiastic about matters fictional. Big fun!

And now, I think I need a nap...
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One of the interesting things about this fandom is that most of people I meet are distant. They're not folks I'm likely to run into. Lots of UK folk, a shocking number of Canadians, etc. In short, if I write a bum installment of IEIT, or misuse a semicolon, most of y'all are in no position to come burn down my house.

None of you, that is, except for [ profile] jbs_teeth.

The first and most important thing to remember about Teeth is that she isn't nice. )
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Did you know that voting for Writer in a Drawer's second round final is happening RIGHT NOW?

It is. It continues until 4:00 p.m. CDT Sunday, July 6, 2008.

I have to say that I count myself lucky to be co-modding this time around. I wouldn't want to compete with these last three stories. They're that good, people.

Go. Read. And then, when you're done reading, vote.
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If you haven't seen the new Discovery Channel ad campaign, or have no idea what the whole "Boom De Yada" thing is about, you'll want to watch this first. Otherwise:

Break into song? )

(All caps are from The Institute.
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FYI, if you're interested, I've started a comm for Ianto/Andy fic over at [ profile] constable_jones.

I've been pimping it out on the comms as the pairing that doesn't talk bollocks, is always at the ready, and perpetually seems to be bringing people drinks.

So yeah. Join if'n that's your thing.
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So I've written myself into a bit of a corner with IEIT. Not in a plot/character way, but more in a genre sort of way.

In short, I'm not sure where it fits.

There's a fair amount of kink, but I feel weird posting the not-kinky installments to the kink comms.

There's darkness and questionable consent, but I feel weird posting the not-dark installments to the dark!fic comms.

I feel weird posting it to the Andy!fic comms because it's not just an Andy story, and it's far enough out of the mainstream to startle people who aren't expecting to wander head first into some of the stuff these three get up to.

Oh, and there's no way I'm posting to [ profile] torch_wood. That's the mainstream problem times a thousand with an added bonus that it's flooded to the gills right now with more fic than anybody knows what to do with.



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