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Well, I'm home and in one piece.

One thing I don't remember mentioning here is the drive I made to and from Atlanta, which was about 670 miles each way, through five states. It's actually not awful since I rather like to bracket long stretches of OMGPEOPLE with active solitude (and driving in Georgia, esp. around Atlanta is active on a lot of levels), but the last hour of the drive last night/this morning was kind of harrowing in the exhausted-haven't-slept-drank-too-much-Red-Bull department. The dogs and the boyfriend welcomed me with open arms (Gwen was quite insistent about laying on/near me and licking my face), so it was worth making the whole drive all in one go.

I'm pretty sure there are cannibals in southern Illinois. Next time, I fill up on gas in Paducah.

Overall, I'd file D*C 2008 under Huge Success. I roomed with a great pair of folks ([ profile] ridikuluss and her husband), got to meet/hang out with/otherwise bother [ profile] resourceress, [ profile] rm, [ profile] redstapler, [ profile] dr_is_in, [ profile] stray_heart, [ profile] exfatalist, [ profile] thaddeusfavour, and two really brilliant people I would know on sight but failed to write usernames down for and shouldn't use real names for on the Internet (please comment so I know who you are because you were pleasant to hang out with even if Sunday night's party situation = fail). I'm sure I'm forgetting someone. Please prod/mock if I have so I can rectify that.

But yeah. The con itself was brilliant, and I'm tentatively planning to go next year. I would upgrade that to fully committed if they have guests from TW or DW again (say "Tom Price and Kai Owen" with me, people). I do think it'd be nice to plan ahead and get some of us who write together at some point during the weekend to just lurk with coffee and laptops, and am sort of bummed that my schedule made it tough to make the Thursday meet-up or King Ianto's Coffee Club, but I had a great time. Next year, barring disaster, there may be a bit of cosplay afoot, too. We'll see.

Also, going to Georgia and coming home with an unplanned red UNIT cap? Priceless.
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So I've survived the con through to the final Torchwood panel.

In which my stories are Jossed by actor speculation, but the moment is eased by direct eye contact. )

Also, I got to shake GDL's hand. I squeed on the escalator. I feel like a total fanboy.
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So. I'm in Georgia right now. It's pretty nice.

And man, I'm a total disgrace. )

Also, got S2-style mugs signed today. Happy. Yay.

But yeah, if y'all are here, drop me a line. I missed out on the meet-up mostly because I got lost on the highway system/missed a turn-off on Thursday night, but am willing to further disgrace myself among, uh...well, just in general, really.


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