It'll End In Tears: My Ianto/Andy [ profile] un_love_you prompt table

Dec. 25th, 2010 03:46 pm
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So somehow I was made aware of [ profile] un_love_you. This would be right around the same time [ profile] ridikuluss was talking me into writing a fair amount more Ianto/Andy than I'd initially planned.

You can see where this is going.

Non-table prequels:
"The Next Best Thing"
"In Nobody's Eyes But Mine."

01."Failure to Vacate"
You were right about me.
02."Plans Change"
I was wrong about you.
This cancels out the hurt.
04."The Line Begins to Blur"
I need to want you.
05."Human Hands"
You can be like me.
06."Strange Currencies"
I want to need you.
07."Prove It"
Prove it.
08."Primitive Notion"
I'm cruel.
09."Feel the Way"
Always wondered what this'd be like.
10."No Brakes"
I'm broken.
11."And The Palmer's Palm He Kissed"
Thought I needed this.
I'm drunk.
13."Trial By Ordeal"
I want to hurt you.
14."Peace Offerings"
I'm awake and you're breathing.
15."Diminished Responsibility"
This is my desperation in action.
16."Like A Halo In Reverse"
I want to break you.
17."Not Wisely But Too Well"
Wish I didn't love you.
18."Here Didst Thou Fall"
I pity you.
19."Nothing Beside Remains"
This isn't about you at all.
20."And Here Thy Hunters Stand"
I hate you, you bitch.
21.>"Nadir and Zenith, Dancing"
You'll do.
22."Nadir and Zenith, Stumbling"
I hate myself.
23."And We Chose to Continue"
You remind me of me.
24."What Happens When the Rules Aren't Fair"
I want you to hate me.
25."Zero Sum"
You remind me of someone.
26.I can be like you.27. "More Than One Bad Idea In Any Given Week"
Author's Choice*.
28."Fault Lines"
Author's Choice**.
29."Sequence Images"
Author's Choice***.
30.Author's Choice.

* This is actually #23 in the series.
** This is actually #27 in the series.
*** This is actually #30 in the series.
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