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On behalf of the Captain, I present the Official Invisible Lift Fic Index. We ask that you use it responsibly.

Have questions? Comments? Notice a glitch? Leave a comment here, or on the appropriate story post.

Standard Disclaimer: Being a bloke who likes to slash good looking men doesn't make me RTD, I don't work for the BBC, and as much as I might like to, I don't own Jack or Ianto or any part of Torchwood. I do, however, order pizza under that name on principle.

Episodic Fic
Title: Hatful of Hollow
Rating: Ranges from PG to NC-17
Pairing(s):Jack/Ianto with occasional mention of others
Notes/Summary: My behind-the-scenes Jack/Ianto story. Starts just post "Countrycide" and finishes up at the end of S1 (with just a dash of "Last of the Time Lords"). Canon-friendly, includes material and dialogue from eps, deleted scenes, and the website.

Part One - (PG)
Part Two - (R)
Part Three - (NC-17)
Part Four - (PG)
Part Five - (PG-13)
Part Six - (NC-17)
Part Seven - (NC-17)
Part Eight - (R)
Part Nine - (NC-17)
Part Ten - (R)
Part Eleven - (NC-17)
Part Twelve - (R)
Part Thirteen - (R)

Title: Adam
Rating: Ranges from PG to R/NC-17
Notes/Summary: No one knows what happened to the real Ianto Jones. A longer treatment of the "Adam" short piece.

Prologue - (PG-13)
Part Two - (R)
Part Three - (R)
Part Four - (PG)
Part Five - (R)
Part Six - (R)

Disambiguation AU
Rating: Ranges from PG to NC-17
Notes/Summary: Disambiguation sprang from a one-off fic I wrote at [ profile] damalan's suggestion. It's a sandbox where I explore the exploits of a parallel Torchwood where the events of "End of Days" don't go as smoothly as they do in canon and Jack is still looking for the Doctor. Features Andy Davidson as a member of the team.

The Original
In which Ianto gets to know himself a little better.
Disambiguation (NC-17) (Ianto/Ianto, Jack/Ianto)

Disambiguation: In These Stones
In which we meet the team, Ianto heeds his own advice, and Andy has a profoundly bad day.
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Owen, and mention of Ianto/Ianto. Possible hints and sideways mention of other pairings.

Part One - (R/NC-17)
Part Two - (PG)
Part Three - (PG)
Part Four - (PG)
Part Five - (PG)
Part Six - (PG)
Part Seven - (PG)

"Montmartre" cluster
Rating: Varies (PG to R)
Pairings: Jack/Ianto, Jack/Other (some OMC, historical)
Notes/Summary: A non-episodic group of loosely-connected stories, mostly about Jack's past. A work in progress, written and presented out of order.

The Ballad of Reading Gaol (R)
Montmartre (PG) (Jack/Ianto)

"It'll End in Tears" cluster
Rating: Adult (Varies)
Pairings: Ianto/Andy
Notes/Summary: A semi-episodic group of Ianto/Andy stories, presented in (mostly) chronological order. Kinky, and a little cruel. Also a work in progress, and will include stories from my [ profile] un_love_you prompt table. (You can find that here, by the way.)

#1 The Next Best Thing (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: smut and language.
#2 In Nobody's Eyes But Mine (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: smut, kink (light bondage, biting, light D/s) and language.
#3 Failure to Vacate (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: smut, kink (D/s, humiliation, food and fluids, light bondage), and language.
#4 Plans Change (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: smut, kink (D/s, spanking/flogging, wax play), and language.
#5 Method (R) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Smut, not too graphic.
#6 The Line Begins to Blur (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: Smut, kink (needle play), questionable consent, and language.
#7 Human Hands (R) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Follow-up to questionable consent issues arising in #6, non-graphic.
#8 Strange Currencies (R) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Discussion/negotiation of play, minimally graphic mention of a cock ring. Broccoli.
#9 Prove It (R) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Language, discussion of sex (minimally graphic), negotiation of play.
#10 Primitive Notion (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Ianto, Andy/Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Smut, kink (bondage, D/s, flogging, electroplay), and language.
#11 Feel the Way (NC-17) (Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Smut (fisting) and language.
#12 No Brakes (PG-ish) (Ianto/Andy) Warnings: Language
#13 And The Palmer's Palm He Kissed (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy, Ianto/Jack) Warnings: Smut and language.
#14 Control (NC-17) (Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Other) Warnings: Smut and language.
#15 Trial By Ordeal (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Andy, Andy/Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Smut, kink (humiliation, D/s), language.
#16 Peace Offerings (NC-17) (Ianto/Andy, Jack/Andy, Andy/Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Smut and language
#17 Diminished Responsibility (PG-13) (Andy/Ianto, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Language, fluff, doom.
#18 Like A Halo In Reverse (NC-17) (Jack/Ianto) Warnings: Language, smut, and kink (D/s).
#19 Not Wisely But Too Well (NC-17) (Andy/Jack/Ianto) Warnings: language, smut, and kink (D/s, sensation play, light bondage).
#20 Here Didst Thou Fall (R) (Andy/Ianto, Jack/Ianto) Warnings: language, unpleasantness.
#21 Nothing Beside Remains (NC-17) Warnings: language, smut, and kink (porn, masturbation, imagined D/s).
#22 And Here Thy Hunters Stand (NC-17) Warnings: language, smut, and kink (masturbation, imagined D/s).

Doctor Who Crossovers
The Doctor Still Dances (PG-13 - Jack/Ten, mention of others)
Three Girl Rhumba (PG)

Other Crossovers
Oh! You Pretty Things (NC-17) (Jack/Chris Skelton from Life on Mars)
Out of His Range (PG) (Crossover with Being Human)

Horizons Sing
Rating: Varies
Pairings: Ianto/Jack
Notes/Summary: My fics for the 2008 [ profile] horizonssing challenge. Not a series, or even a cluster, but all take place between 2x13 - "Exit Wounds" and Doctor Who 4x13 - "Journey's End". May contain spoilers and explicit references to events from both S1 and S2 of Torchwood, and Doctor Who S1-S4.

Day One - A Single Summer Afternoon (PG) - Ianto fiddles with an alien device, Jack makes him play outside.
Day Two - Just Once - (PG) - Jack is a terrible influence.
Day Three - Compromise (PG) - Ianto has a visitor. Jack overreacts. Hilarity ensues.
Day Four - Mere Anarchy (PG) - Jack tries to understand what he's become. Ianto deploys poetry.
Day Five - Forfeit (PG)- Ianto receives an unexpected gift from a relative. Meditation ensues.
Day Six - Through The Narrow Gate (PG-13) - Jack and Ianto talk monasticism in bed.
Day Seven - He's Good on Roofs (PG) - Jack takes a shortcut to the ground floor. Ianto panics.
Day Eight - Sex Food (PG-ish) - Ianto gets catty about the groceries. Jack convinces him to play with his food.
Day Nine - The Play of the Universe (PG-ish) - In which the consequences of Jack's actions are too terrible for Ianto to contemplate.
Day Ten - Cocktail Hour (PG-13) - In which there is drink, as well as innuendo.
Day Eleven - On The Glamorgan Heritage Coast (PG) - In which Ianto suggests breaking into a listed property whilst working at a perilous height, and Jack wonders whatever happened to Llantwit Minor.
Day Twelve - The History Of A Soldier's Wound Beguiles The Pain Of It (PG) - In which Jack thinks he's alone, and Ianto reads aloud from Tristram Shandy.
Day Thirteen - Grace (PG) - In which Ianto mourns and Jack makes arrangements.
Day Fourteen - Hell of a Day (PG) - In which Jack basically deserves everything he gets.
Day Fifteen - The Road To Crickhowell (PG) - In which old wounds are remembered, and there are no words.
Day Sixteen - The Earth Is Already Moving Without Us (PG-13) - In which Jack and Ianto make good on their plan to traumatize his cousin Dylan from Day Three.
Day Seventeen - And A Silver Sixpence In His Shoe (PG) - In which there is a decoy, and Ianto defends Jack's honor.
Day Eighteen - Time Enough to Dance (PG) - In which Ianto is aware of his own mortality, and Jack offers a history lesson.
Day Nineteen - Only The Flowers (PG) - In which Jack's aesthetic sense is impugned, and the boys are paranoid.
Day Twenty - Naughtiness High On The Catalogue Of Grave Sins (PG) - In which Ianto confesses on the matter of a bit of highlighting, and groceries are mentioned again.
Day Twenty One - Meet the Meat (PG) - In which Ianto is rendered nearly speechless, and Jack is unfazed.
Day Twenty Two - Clouds and Rain (R/NC-17) - In which Ianto thinks too much about the weather, and Jack states the obvious.
Day Twenty Three - Darts of Pleasure (NC-17) - In which clean things are soiled, and the windows are open.
Day Twenty Four - Blue on Blue (PG-13/R) - In which Jack decides whether or not to take the shot.
Day Twenty Five - Coming Soon
Day Twenty Six - Coming Soon
Day Twenty Seven - Coming Soon
Day Twenty Eight - Coming Soon
Day Twenty Nine - Coming Soon
Day Thirty - Coming Soon
Day Thirty One - Coming Soon

Stand-Alone Fic
[Archivist's note: looking for prompt table drabbles? Check here.]

Confessional (R) (Jack/Ianto)
Prickly (PG) (hints at Gwen/Owen)
Be All My Sins Remember'd (PG-13) (Angst warning)
Three Breaths Before He Closed His Eyes (PG-13) (hints at Jack/Ianto, angst warning)
Adam (PG) (Prototype for episodic Adam series)
Wish (ranges from PG to Hard R) (Multiple pairings)
Mastering Library Science (NC-17) (Jack/Ianto, hints at Gwen/Owen)
Taking Hold (NC-17) (Tosh/Ianto, hint of non-con)
Callsign: Deadman (PG)
Homesick (PG) (hints at Jack/Ianto)
Trick or Treat aka "Sweetness" (PG) (Jack/Ianto)
Oh, Pants (PG)
Bodies for Science (PG)
A Spoonful of Sugar (PG) (hints at Jack/Ianto, Owen)
Customary Strangeness (PG)
Y Llanc Glandeg Didrugaredd (R) (Ianto/Andy)
Interference (PG)
Appearances (PG)
Boys Lost and Found (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto)
Hypertension (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x02 - "Sleeper"
Dining In (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto)
Anger Management (PG-13)
Quite a List (R) (Jack/Ianto)
Inside We Never See (PG-13) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x01 - "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"
Malthusian Growth (PG)
If I Am Missing or Dead (PG)
To Hold Life in the Palm of Your Hand (PG) (Jack/Ianto) SPOILER WARNING FOR 2x03 - "To The Last Man"

Prompt Table Fic
My stolen [ profile] fanfic100 self-generated, custom table can be found here.

My Ianto/Andy [ profile] un_love_you table can be found here.
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