Jul. 5th, 2010

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So I've secretly (or not-so-secretly) playing in the side yard with round four of [livejournal.com profile] writerinadrawer. We're using AO3 this time around, which is sort of brilliant. Because the first few weeks are always short on word count, I've been holding off on posting until I had enough to really write home about. Enjoy! Comments can go here or over at AO3.

4x01 - "And The Card Attached Would Say..."
Rating: Mostly Harmless
Challenge: Should use "I've been waiting for this..." in dialogue and feature a television show from the 20th Century.
Summary: Owen Harper discovers some of the hazards of receiving personal mail at work.

4x02 - "Bigger Than a China Shop"
Rating: Mostly Harmless
Challenge: A character is awakened by an unexpected sound. Must feature at least two words in a foreign language.
Summary: In which a surveillance assignment doesn't go according to plan.

4x03 - "The Art of Tragedy Was Born in Masks"
Rating: Mostly Harmless
Challenge: Must use a Sports Night episode title as a prompt. I chose "Thespis." Must also include or make reference to an invertebrate.
Summary: Below Torchwood's Cardiff base, who Ianto Jones is may be subjective.

4x04 - "Back Lot Rivalry"
Rating: Mostly Harmless
Challenge: A story in which Torchwood has to set up shop away from the Hub for an extended period. Must feature at least 3 colors of the rainbow.
Summary: Ianto might trust Harwood's to transport goods, but the staff is another matter.


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