Feb. 21st, 2010

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I'm, ah, not dead?

So I had a really awesome plan with the [livejournal.com profile] redismycolour thing. I was going to do them every day and use it as an excuse to be In The Chair as a writer, blah, blah, blah because this year I am writing a book and wanted to come in with a bit of play.

And then a handful of really excellent Actual Work landed on me, and, um. Yeah. So. The so-called Other Writing is going pretty well. My Respectable Alter Ego had an article in Crossed Genres this month about fanfiction as folklore, which I'm proud of.

I miss rolling around in fandom as much as I'd like. Grr. Argh. How is it already nearly March?

That being said, my Respectable Alter Ego will be at Gallifrey One this week! Panelizing at 11 AM on Saturday. About Torchwood. So, uh, that's a pretty heavy dose of fandom, right?

Of course, thinking, "Hey! Con!" reminded me that I still haven't posted hilarious pictures of myself from Dragon*Con. Of which I've got two.

I've got no illusions that you all will respect me in the morning after this. )

And now, to slink away in shame. To my bed. Where if I get lonely I suppose I can find the foam toys I used to make my boobs and give them a little grope for old time's sake.
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I haven't entirely been avoiding fandom. Because I contributed a little something to this:

Torchwood Virtual Series 3

Outside the government, beyond the police. The last surviving members of Torchwood Three are Earth's final line of defense against an alien universe and …

After the deaths of Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper, Torchwood must start again. Understaffed and overworked, they pick up the pieces under the command of Jack Harkness: time traveler, soldier, Companion and Captain. Along with Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones, Torchwood stands in the face of a swiftly changing universe, facing off against adversaries both terrestrial and alien, while struggling with their own very human hopes and fears.

In the third (virtual) series of Torchwood, secrets are held and revealed, lives are transformed in ways no one expects, and the Earth itself will never be the same.

Episode one is already live, and we've also got captain's logs, additional episode materials, and generally the most dedicated team of people running this show I have ever seen. Go check us out!


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